Signs of Foundation Damage

The slab, the crawlspace, and the full basement are the 3 basic types of foundations. There are some likenesses among them, even though construction of each of them is different. However, a foundation that is not properly constructed could cause problems in your home. There are also problems which arise due to different weather events like drought and geological changes like the natural tendency of soil to settle.

Foundation Damage

Here are some common signs of foundation damage:

  • Cracked Brick

Walls could be damaged by soil pressure. A usual sign of foundation settlement is stair-step cracking. It is common in concrete and brick walls. Vertical cracks may widen as your house continues to further settle.

  • Cracked Poured Wall

Sometimes, foundation walls can be damaged by soil pressure. The weight of the soil is simply too heavy to be held back by the foundation wall in some cases. High-clay content soil expands during wet weather. This exerts extra pressure against foundation walls.

  • Sagging Floors

It is clear that you have a problem underneath if your floors are bouncy or sagging. The cause is usually found in the crawl space and its foundation. It makes the support system of the floor to weaken and sag.

  • Cracked Stucco

Problems in foundation settlement are usually common and show clear signs. Crack or cracks in your exterior stucco are one of these. The cracks are an obvious sign that your home’s foundation is settling or compressing.

  • Cracks near Frames

The ground supporting your home can be shifted by changing weathers and weak soils. Your home settles when poor soil conditions start to affect your foundation. Gaps in the weak areas around vents, windows, and doors are the first signs.

  • Unleveled or Cracked Concrete

When the soil under the slab can no longer support its weight, concrete slab cracking and sinking happens. Concrete that is out of level or cracked will not fix itself. Also, extra damages become more costly and serious over time.

  • Chimney Separation

A chimney separating from the rest of the house is one of the more dramatic and scarier signs of settlement. Oftentimes, chimneys are built on a foundation that’s not connected to the rest of the house. This makes it even more at a threat of settlement.

  • Shearing Wall

Pressure would start to press your foundation walls inward if excess clay and water cause soils to expand or if the soil is poorly filled against your foundation. On the more dramatic and urgent signs of foundation failure on concrete brick foundation walls is shearing.

  • Ceiling Gap

Sometimes, problems in crawlspace build a gap between the interior wall and the ceiling. The gap means something. There are problems arising underneath your house that require your attention.

  • Floor Gap

The floors are separating when the floors feel bouncy or sagging, or see a gap between your walls and floor. The cause can be found underneath.

If you notice some of these signs in your house, immediately call a professional foundation repair. Most of them have websites which offer free estimates such as

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Top 3 Important Solid Waste Management Services That Can Help Protect Mother Nature 

Waste management companies offer a variety of ways to help preserve the environment. This is the reason why they constantly look for helpful ways in order to enhance their environment friendly services. The best waste management companies offer a wide array of eco-friendly services in order to make sure that all waste has proper disposal. These waste management are extremely important for professional and reputable waste management service providers such as for all their operations. Without the help of professional and reputable waste management companies, the large clean buildings we work and live in would not be possible.

Solid Waste Management

With the help of recycling initiatives, landfill services, as well as ancillary services such as roll off container rental, the most ideal management services take the best approach to the disposal of solid waste. As a matter of fact, study shows that over the last decade, the United States produced over two hundred fifty million tons of solid waste per year, and Mother Nature would certainly be the worse place to live if it was not for the help of environmental conscious and reputable waste management companies.

In this article, you will be able to learn some of the most important waste management services that can help our Earth have a better tomorrow for the sake of future generations.

1. Landfill Services

Demolition and construction jobs produce a large amount of debris. This is why it needs a proper place to go whenever the task has been completed. Fortunately, there are a lot of professional waste management companies out there that offer dependable landfill services. Furthermore, separating this kind of waste from other waste material is also a helpful strategy in keeping the environment protected. From glass, rock, asphalt, wood, to lumber and metal, professional and well-equipped waste management service providers can be able to transport these debris to the right landfill, making your job much easier the moment you decide to hire them.

2. Recycling

While recycling method is readily available to some countries, the lack of focus when it comes to recycling, especially in the US, is extremely disturbing. As a matter of fact, the EPA estimated that around seventy five percent of waste stream in the US is completely recyclable, but Americans only recycle around thirty percent of it. This is the reason why you should make sure that you only hire a professional and eco-conscious waste management company to take care of your solid wastes as they carefully comb through their loads in order to make sure that all reusable goods are not being put into landfills.

3. Roll Off Container Rental

Whenever you perform jobs like such demolishing a building or remodeling a home, you’ll produce a lot of debris, which cannot be placed in regular landfills. Fortunately, professional and reputable waste management companies can be able to provide you with roll off containers where you can temporarily store these debris, and an appropriate landfill where you can be able to have it disposed. This is the reason why it’s imperative that you only hire a reputable company for a dependable waste management service.

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