When there are small issues with drains we usually just put them in the back burner and think of it when the issue can no longer be ignored. There are some issues that you can fix on your own since there are so many home owner friendly plumbing fixtures available now in the market.   

Drain Services

However there are some drainage problems that need emergency calls to professional plumbers such as showers and most especially your toilet.The more information you have the easier for you to make decisions. So when do we know if we really need drain services and what should we look out for. 

Clogged Bathtub Drain 

You came home from a tiring work day dreaming of taking a relaxing bath with your favorite bath bomb. However when you get there you notice your bathtub drain is clogged. Well there goes your lovely dream of relaxation down the clogged drain. There are some remedy you can try before calling the pros; like drain cleaners. A mixture of baking soda, apple cider vinegar and hot water might fix the problem but oftentimes it needs a little heavy duty cleaning. If you have the tools you can manually clean the clogged drain yourself but know that you might be causing more damage than fixing it. If nothing works well then call the pros, might save some time, relieve you of stress and frustrations too.  

Clogged Toilet 

Clogged toilets are considered one of the most common drain emergencies out there. It is an emergency if most especially you only have one toilet in the house. When nature calls and you gotta go well you gotta go. Clogged toilets can be causes by build ups of waste or tissue paper. It can also be because of flushing the wrong thing down the toilet. Or it could be cause by backed up sewer drain. Well you could use a plunger to fix the problem but never ever keep on flushing the toilet to clear the blockage it could cause an overflow and that would become an even bigger problem. If the plunger works but the problem recur then it’s time to call the handy dandy plumber.  

Clogged Sink Drains 

Sink Drains get fairly clogged frequently. It is mostly caused by bits of food or grease accumulating in the pipe. There some things you can do to try and get the sink unclogged the first one is a plunger or drain snakes as they call it. They work almost always but there are some clogs that are tougher. You can also use chemical drain cleaners but frequent use of these chemical drain cleaners can wear out the pipe and may cause some serious leakage. With this considerations you should call the plumber in.  


Flooding, most specifically the basement of your house can prove to be a little more difficult and calling a plumber might be the only way for you to fix the problem. This problem can occur because of drainage issues. It is better for you to call the pros before the damage gets to big and costs you more.